Top Performer

In August 2019, and for the 19th consecutive year, the Carroll Insurance Group LLC and its subsidiaries, Insuring Lawyer and The Best Restaurant Owners Insurance were selected as a Best Practices Agency.

This insurance company qualified for this status by ranking among the top performers in the annual Best Practices Study conducted by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and Reagan Consulting. They were awarded Best Practices top 195 out of 37,500 independent agencies nationally.

More than 800 out of 37,500 insurance firms from around the country were nominated in six revenue categories ranging from “Under $1.25 Million” in annual revenue to “Over $25 Million” in annual revenues. More than 300 agencies submitted data. Only 254 agencies scored high enough to qualify for inclusion. (Just for reference, this is the equivalent of being in the top five college football programs year in and year out. Or like being a perennial Super Bowl contender.)