Inadvertently Putting Your Law Firm at Risk

Most lawyers that I have come to know look at their practice as a dearly-loved member of the family. For some, their practice has actually been a part of the family for three or sometimes four generations. It has provided and still provides for the family for decades. Perhaps you or a member of your family conceived this practice and brought it into being. In any case, it is now your life and your passion and you would never purposely put it in harm’s way. Even at the most basic level, you have a security system in place and lock all the doors at night.

Yet many lawyers inadvertently put their practice in danger through simple negligence: they fail to select an insurance broker who is a seasoned specialist in proper insurance for lawyers and law firms.

Obviously, there are insurance brokers in the property and casualty insurance field who have achieved a high degree of success. But the truth is that an insurance broker who is a generalist misses it almost every time when it comes to many of the dangers that I will relate in this article. Of course, they know to cover your business for a fire, a slip and fall, or a tornado. Everyone knows that. But not every insurance broker understands about the hidden law-firm-specific dangers that can put a practice out of business in a matter of days.

You need a specialist who knows that area of expertise as well as they know anything, an insurance broker who specializes and for whom the legal profession is the number-one business.

Perhaps you’ve never even thought of your insurance in this way. If that’s true, I fully understand. And that’s the reason why we offer Free Coverage Comparison Analyses. I want you informed and educated so you will never need to be at risk again. I’m here to bring you peace of mind and a better night’s sleep.

You can EASILY get a Comparative Analysis done for you to make certain that you are not in that 97% that could lose thousands of dollars or even lose their entire Law Practice today due to inadequate protection while paying way too much.

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