People Just Like You!

People Just Like You: Your Best Friends

To get the best insurance coverage that is specific to you as an Auto & Home Owner, a key strategy is to retain an agent who specializes in Auto & Homeowner insurance.

You don’t want an insurance company employee for your agent. You want someone who’s going to work for you, not someone whose paycheck is tied to one company.  You need an agent who can shop the market, compare prices, and get the most comprehensive coverage for you—maybe even use multiple companies for your total coverage.

You want a good price? And you want ultimate protection when disaster strikes? Use an independent agent who specializes in Auto & Homeowner insurance.

There’s a lot of money involved in buying insurance and you want to make sure it works for you. Don’t trust the financial protection of everything you own to an insurance agent who is not a specialist with Auto and Home Owners and the special problems you face every day! 

Huge Industry

Insurance is a huge industry.  There’s insurance for everything. Anything you can have, do, own, or manage, there’s insurance for it. And no one agent can specialize in all of it. In fact, a professional independent agent can only specialize in a few niches and really understand them.

Insurance is a very technical business.  Policies, coverage, endorsements, exclusions‑it has a language all its own.  Also, the insurance needs of each industry are highly specific. Just because someone specializes in insuring huge manufacturing concerns, doesn’t mean they know anything about the special needs of Auto and Home Owners.  And just because your wife’s cousin sells insurance, doesn’t mean he’s the guy with whom you want to trust your financial health!

Let’s look at a few other things that you are not looking for:

  • An agent or an agency that tries to sell you their services on meaningless platitudes like “quality” or “excellence.” Those are just buzzwords that mean very little.
  • An agency that tries to sell you on their services because they’ve “been around since 1934” or some such nonsense. Yes, you want a professional that has thoroughly studied the business, but what do you care what they were doing in 1934? Believe me, insurance back then wasn’t anything like it is today.
  • An agent who doesn’t know Auto and Home Owners. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You wouldn’t want a foot doctor to perform surgery on your heart, would you? I didn’t think so. So don’t trust your financial well-being to just any insurance agent.

Over the long haul, you will be in a much better position when your agent is not only an Auto & Homeowner insurance specialist, but also is recognized and awarded for their commitment to your well-being!