The Generalists Versus the Specialist

If you watch any amount of television or are on the Internet I am sure you have been bombarded with auto insurer after auto insurer promising you savings all day every day.

From premium pricing guns to saving percentages equal to the time you spend deciding how to protect all of your assets, these new shiny objects have one intent and that is to grow their customer base with little regard on what is most important to you.

And what is most important to you is that when a claim happens…..and that is why you spend your hard-earned money protecting yourself with Auto & Home insurance…… that you are protected from catastrophic loss.
Yet, let’s examine these “Shiny Objects” for what they really are which is nothing more than the absolute wrong way to purchase Auto & Homeowners insurance.

Gimmicks Galore
Specifically, having a gimmick where you input a price that you want to pay for your Auto & Homeowners insurance is as foolish a concept as drinking poison and here is why. This mentality does not take into account what you have and what you earn that dictate how much protection you must always buy on your Auto & Home owners insurance.

See the pricing difference comes between different insurers that a true professional Independent Insurance Broker who specializes in Auto & Homeowners insurance will get for you with absolutely the correct limits of protection you need and at the correct best pricing. Period. No quick fixes or gimmicks.

The Generalists Versus the Specialist
In fact a generalist when you get a comparative quote will copy what you have now taking no regard for what you need to protect you and your family from financial ruin. The term “comparing apples to apples” is too often that game of “dumb and dumber” at its absolute best.

And calling an 800 number or buying over the Internet is truly a game of Russian Roulette which almost always ends up in your financial death as who assists you there? No one or a customer service rep is who. Is that who you really want advising or assisting you and much more often than not at higher premiums to boot?

Also, let’s examine taking an amount of time that will equate into savings on your Auto & Homeowners insurance. Say for example you spend 16 minutes on getting a comparative quote, does that means you get 16% savings?

You get my point by now, I’m hoping, on how silly these concepts can be. So as you can see the New Shiny Object” is really nothing more than aggressive marketing aimed at customer acquisition with little to no regard to what is best for you which will absolutely ultimately ruin you.

Yet the great news, you can EASILY get a Comparative Analysis done for you to make certain that you have the proper coverage and aren’t exposed to fatal gaps in your insurance protection that could ruin you, right now today.

This will take you literally all of 5 minutes to email or fax to make sure that you’re properly protected and not at risk to lose everything. Act today, right now while you are thinking of this!