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The Mission is to Eliminate Fatal Insurance Gaps That 97% of All Law Firms Have on Their Property, Lawyers Professional Liability, Workers Comp, and Umbrella Insurance.

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About Michael Carroll

Michael has spent the last twenty-seven years helping to protect Law Firms. He is nationally recognized as one of the leading specialists for Property, Lawyers Professional Liability, Workers Comp, and Umbrella Insurance.

I’m not in business to make certain every law firm is not “insurance poor” through excessive coverage. But I do have a mission to assure that each one is properly protected.

My Moral Decision

Lawyers are busy people. They almost always have a demanding schedule and a practice to run. They don’t have time to micro-manage their insurance broker. They are looking for fewer headaches in their life, not more.

It was also clear to me that lawyers and law firms are different, in that I couldn’t insure them as I would insure an apartment building. Lawyers and law firms encounter problems and situations that are totally unique to that industry. It was also clear to me that there were situations that could very quickly put a lawyer or his/her firm completely out of business if not insured correctly. It was because of these potential threats to my clients that I invested the time and effort to become schooled by this loss control / underwriter mentor on every way a lawyer and law firms should be insured. I committed myself at that point to give my future clients the very best that I could offer.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

The Mission is to Eliminate Fatal Insurance Gaps That 97% of All Law Firms Have on Their Property, Lawyers Professional Liability, Workers Comp, and Umbrella Insurance.

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Guaranteed To Identify At Least 3 Surefire Ways To See If You Are Properly Protected With Best Pricing

What Lawyers Are Saying About Insuring Lawyer

  • You told me what to do, how to handle the situation, gave me directions which are important to one living here a short time. I was most pleased. You didn’t make me feel this whole thing was my fault and that I had done it on purpose. Everyone made a bad situation so much easier. This was my first claim in eighteen years and I had forgotten many things. I also didn’t have to do half the work myself.
    S King • Arizona
  • Mike, I’ve been with you for 11 or 12 years I think. You and your company have been one of the most gratifying customer-client relationships I’ve experienced! (Most bang for the buck). Mike, for people to help make your business more profitable for you and your family and hopefully them, you could not have made a better choice than Shauna. She has been most helpful and informative and has gone out of her way for myself and my wife. Would you please let her know we thank her for her help when we purchased our new vehicle last month.
    K Dacha • California
  • It was comforting to be served by your professional staff and your claims adjuster Bryon. I have never had a claim and your staff was very helpful and informative. I will always remember how helpful your staff was during my claim. Thanks again.
    T Paul • Ohio
  • Your staff was so courteous and helpful. They suggested a repair company, made the contact for me, and were concerned and helpful. Your payment to the repair company was made within two days of the date I received my bill. When I opened my Law Firm, I recalled an earlier time of a tornado disaster where everyone affected compared who got prompt and satisfactory service from his/her insurance company. Insuring Lawyer came out on top. I recalled this and chose you for my Law Firm’s insurance. This is the only claim I’ve filed, but I was completely satisfied!
    A Zimmerman • California
  • Your office people were very courteous and helpful: 1. Answered questions completely 2. Prompt response to phone calls. The claims center gave so much better service than the last incident we had. The settlement was very fair, which allowed us to secure an excellent replacement for our loss.
    J Cleats • Texas
  • Very helpful. Mike, you explained the policy and let me know what to do and what to expect. Prompt and courteous service from the claims center. Thank you!
    F Stollerini • South Carolina